Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Atlanta School Children in A Crisis

Atlanta was in one of the worst crisis in history when the snow feel last week keeping millions on the freeway and students trapped in schools. Many were in shock to see the city in such a bad state of emergency. The Mayor Kasim Reed and Governor Deal both held press conferences to explain the madness going on with the winter storm crisis in Atlanta. A lot of our students were help captive inside the schools as a result of not being able to put buses on the road.

Children trapped in schools and on buses in rare Atlanta snow storm ...
http://wgntv.com Wed, 29 Jan 2014 14:28:34 GMT
Thousands of students were stranded overnight in schools after a rare winter storm hit the deep south. In Atlanta, schools closed early Tuesday but slippery roads created massive traffic jams and it took hours to get some kids ...
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The Great Atlanta Snow Storm: Who Is to Blame? - Patheos
http://www.patheos.com Thu, 30 Jan 2014 14:34:39 GMT
The snow arrived mid-day so that most people were already at work or school when it became obvious the storm would bring more snow than expected. As we left our lunch at The Forum in Norcross around 2 PM, all the ...
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Budget Shortfall

How is that every school system in the state of Georgia seems to have a budget shortfall ? Or maybe every school system in the Atlanta Metro Counties seems to be short of their budget. I was watching on the news where Clayton County is 50million dollars short. Clayton will have to furlo teachers, and get jobs inorder to get the budget back on track.

I often wonder who was keeping the books when they just noticed the school budget problems. I really think the school systems across Georgia is in a real crisis, and needs help fast before more school school closings occur. Dekalb County Schools are closing a number of elementary schools next year due to the budget crisis.
Parents are really upset about the set back to kids eduction and the redistricting that will come as a result of Dekalb County shutting down certain schools in their area.

Clayton County school employees furloughed Atlanta News Hub

The school board had floated a number of controversial plans to deal with its looming budget crisis, including a proposal asking employees to refund a bonus they were given at the end of last year. The bonus was paid for with economic ...

Publish Date: 04/18/2011 18:45


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Monday, April 4, 2011

Certification Issues

Google Certified Teacher logoImage by Colette Cassinelli via Flickr When teachers graduate from college they are required to get state certification. School systems have a good number of jobs for new graduates, but getting certified is a big issues for most new hirer. I think the certification is a big waste of time because it doesn't assure whether you are a good teacher or not. Cerification has hindered many teachers ability to get a job. I took the teacher certification test five times before I passed the test. Certification in my opinion is a real problem that is keep good teachers from working.

Online Teacher Certification Announced At CUE 2011 – Leading Edge ...

iNACOL standards are the basis for the curriculum, and participants will create an online portfolio to demonstrate completion of certification requirements. Future certifications will focus on classroom/hybrid teachers, .... and there are about a dozen or so now that have a specific focus on K-12 online learning. If a teacher or administrator in Georgia were to go this route, they would be able to add an online teaching endorsement to their official teacher certification. ...

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maine teacher certification requirements maine state teacher certification legal issues about national teacher certification lausd teacher certification let test teacher certification levels of teacher certification in georgia ... high stakes assessment for teacher certification hisd teacher certification hip hop dance teacher certification how to get k-12 teacher certification how to find a teacher's certification how to get k-8 teacher certification ...

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What's the argument for becoming a computer science teacher ...

Because CS is typically the odd man out, issues with state certification requirements (if any) and involving CS faculty have been the barriers after interest has been established. Do you imagine that other STEM disciplines at GA Tech would be ... “Although Georgia Tech does not offer any programs that provide teacher certification, a Tech education at the undergraduate or graduate level is excellent preparation for students planning on careers as K-12 educators.”> ...

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Teacher Conduct

'GDRImage via Wikipedia Teacher conduct in the schools can be questionable ! I know if a teacher who worked in a school and was doing a quality job, until the administration decided they didn't want him working at the school. The Teacher asked and sought answers, but on one had a real answer about his performance etc. After talking to the principal, and not getting clear answers, he can to the conclusion that's its more about his character being on the attack than it is about the education and discipline of the children.

Some times a person can be a little to real that it poses a threat to the educational stability of the other teachers. Many teachers may have old values and philosophies that they guarded, and the new generation of teachers may threaten that way of thinking. Student's recognize the truth in people when adults may not. To all the teachers across America, who are having problems inside the school system with the administration and staff personnel stay focused better days are coming.

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Politics of Education

A mathematics lecture, apparently about linear...Image via Wikipedia The Public School System in Atlanta is having its fair share of problems. Students in the school system seem to be getting less attention due to the politics of education. Atlanta school system has so many factors on the table about how the students should be getting educated that its affecting the students education.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Unfilled Jobs

A university classroom. (Jones Hall at Princet...Image via Wikipedia As the school year progress on many teachers leave their positions due to stress, over crowed classes, and the work load being to much. The public school system seems to be getting worst with over crowded classrooms and less teachers to fill the positions. The board of education in most school system seem to have created a problem by not offering competitive packages that would make a teacher want to stay in the profession. The annual salary is not that great when it comes to the work load that most educators have to deal with.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Substitute Money

'Image via Wikipedia I have worked in the Atlanta Public School system for quite some time as a substitute. The substitute game has had its good days, and bad days, but the number one problem I think is the substitute money that most subs are being paid at this moment. Now, Atlanta Public Schools used to pay really good money a 175.00 dollars a day, which was great pay for a certified susbtitue teacher who still wanted to be in the profession without being in the politics of education.

I think Atlanta Public Schools has really messed up there budget money, and now they are taking it out on the subs by reducing the substitute money. The school system is now paying them somewhere between 10.00-12.00 and hour and thats not enough when your dealing problems inside the classroom as a regulgar teacher. I think that the substitue is just as valuable as the teacher to the clas and APS needs to really look at increasing the substitute money they are paying the subs for an honest days work.

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